September 23, 2011

Belly dance - new life of an old dance

The dance not of belly but of life

There is an Asian legend: a youth came to a wise man and asked: “Please, wise man, teach me how to tell the truth from the lies, the beauty from the ugliness. Teach me the joy of life”. The wise man thought a little bit and taught the lad to dance.

Do you think women took care of their shape a long time ago? Modern women go to fitness clubs, take care of themselves and find time for exercise. But how did women keep fit, their body flexible and the joy of life earlier, in ancient times? They danced!
One of the most colorful female dances of the past was the belly dance. Probably, many of you think that this dance is exclusively the skill of the eastern beauties from the harems of the rich men. Some think that the belly dance has nothing to do with the East, and it is an exotic and erotic show to entertain male audience. But does this really cover the real meaning of the eternal eastern dance?
Belly dance has been performed in many eastern counties: Egypt, Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle East countries.
At the beginning of the twentieth century a bigger interest to this dance was provoked by scandalous performances of Mata Hari. The dancer affirmed that she was a performer of Indian temple dances. Because of her, many people in Europe related the eastern dances exclusively to India. The belly dance got its present name on the exhibition in Chicago about a century ago.

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