September 21, 2011

Dreaming about stripping tonight

Still feels very unreal to think that tonight I might be performing. Sitting here, in a dull and empty office, it's difficult to believe in being a star. But back at home, in front of my web camera, I will work wonders. I am the queen of the stage. I am the observed of all the observers, sensual lady, moving slowly, seductively, sexily... I already imagine my viewers holding their breath and watching me tease them. No physical contact, yet, the sharp feeling of somebody else's presence, intense, attentive. 
Slow moves, bows, snake-like, I am a mysterious woman leading to my secret world. 
How would you describe pleasure? Where does it hide? In the eyesight, teasing your eye with the desirable body lines? In the hearing, bringing to life lovely melodies making your heart beat? In the smells, addictive memories of the women whom you could hardly touch, but their presence, subtle and evident, was disturbing you? In satisfaction of being with the beloved one, the one you almost depend on? In the feeling of a touch, a caress, a light whisper on the ear, a gentle kiss? In the memories or the reality of a sudden and almost violent sexual act, some kind of electricity, magentism and the drive between the hot bodies?
Warm waves of pleasure, or, rather, the coolness of being suddenly uplifted from the burden of the scenarios imposed from the outside....
Queen of my own world, full of mystery and beauty, shaking and always changing, magical.... 

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