September 21, 2011

Strip dance: revealing emotions in the moves

When you want to seduce

From the start, strip was undressing while dancing. In Ancient India, priestesses got naked and moved slowly to appease gods' glances. Nowadays, strip dance has a new meaning. It is the dance of beauty, sensuality and femininity. It supposes creation of a little performance which not only makes your own heart beat more quickly, but also will stop the glances of the occasional (or maybe not occasional) viewers. Strip dance is the revelation of the most secret desires. It is the incarnation of the body and soul release. It is the emotions that speak through the body. 
Strip dance gives people the pleasure to admire the natural beauty of a human body. Strip dance is the emotional expression through the sexy body moves. It is the combination of slow and fast, gentle and exciting moves. The body transforms desires and emotions into gracious etudes. We all pursue the perfection of the movements but few are able to master it. 

Strip dance, technically

Strip dance is a dance lesson with elements of striptease. It is aimed at developing flexibility of the body and will help release oneself in the beautiful sensual dance. 
Strip dance is a type of dancing aerobics. It supposes many amplitude moves, sitting and standing, which are done in a sitting position as well as in a standing position. The change of positions takes place while making these moves. So, strip dance takes a lot of energy. 
Anyways, strip dance practise develops the body muscles, trains the movement coordination, and gives you the confidence of a really seductive person. The dance is based on the following scheme: the dancer first goes down on the floor beautifully, and then elegantly goes back to a straight-up position. 
Strip dance has included many styles: modern choreography, elements of the Eastern and Latin American dance, acrobatics, plasticity and improvisation - united by the erotical character of the dance and the aim to seduce and flatter. 

Famous strip dancers

At different times, different dancers referred to the theme of strip dance. Dancer Mata Hari performed strip-tease professionally. World-wide famous dancer Isadora Duncan was not ashamed to dance with a naked chest. The first known strip dancers came from Greece and Assyria. They performed erotic movements as the service to the cult. In India bayaderes depicted strip scenes showing the encounter of mortal women with gods.
Dita Von Teese, nowadays, performing since 1992, is a fashion icon and burlesque star. She is famous for her cocktail glass show. She also performed in the famous Paris cabaret Crazy Horse . But her real image that conquered the hearts of so many men started to be created in the strip club Captain Cream.

Strip dance styles

Strip dance - dancing trend of erotic dances. It pays attention to the development of flexibility, as well as to the hip swinging, caresses, etc.
Pop-strip - the trend in the strip dance which is determined by the popular modern music. It has its specialty: the combination of sensuality with the drive of the modern music.
Strip plasticity - It's a more slow trend, paying attention to improvisation. The movements are done to a slow sensual music.
Pole danceIt's the dance around the pole. Most elements are borrowed from the professional strip-tease. This kind of dance requires good preparation and resistance.
Still, strip dance is much more exciting when performed than described. Dear ladies, what are you waiting for?

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