October 26, 2011

Uranus in my life

One of the traits of Uranus (in astrology, that is) is to make us change our name. My Uranus, that is in its exaltation in the sign of Scorpio,  has had this effect on me - I have had nicknames in my professional/semi-professional and amateur life. Koshka - French photo model (koshka - photo model), which means "cat", Lovegoddesss, Sensuallady1, LoveWitch, Lily Was Here - my nicknames in video chats. Not to mention Avorodisa, looking so mysterious, but, in fact, just my real name reversed, spelled backwards - in some social networks (hubpagestwitter) and on the blogger, too! It took some time, also, to get used to the pronunciation of my name in French, with the last syllable stressed - Anna. Which is nothing like the Russian variant, stressed on the first syllable. And nothing like the English version, with the wide middle-mouth vowel instead of this deep back mouth one. 

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