December 28, 2012

Her Lover's Diary

I remember that day with sharp clearness. It was September. The weather was cool. Not really autumn-cold, wet or uncomfortable, but Indian-summer cool, with a shade of falling leaves. It was morning, everybody was hurrying to work. The first thing I saw was your hand. It found itself next to mine when we stood near a pedestrian crossing. We both wanted to press the button to light the green colour. Yes, our hands met, and you were the first to press that button. I touched your hand slightly, then looked at you. And you looked at me. I smiled at you, and you smiled looking away. I remember walking on the pedestrian crossing. I was listening to your steps, the sound of your heels on the road. I was looking ahead of me, and you did, too. On the other side of the road you looked back at me. I looked at you.  Then somebody called you. I stood there without moving, watching you. You looked back again, twice. Your eyes seemed to call me, appealing me, and repulsing me, at the same time. And then you disappeared in the crowd...

Killing Me Softly

December 17, 2012

You don't love me and don't feel compassion

You don"t love me and don"t feel compassion 
Don"t you think that now I look my best?
Though you look aside you"re thrilled with passion 
As you put your arms upon my chest.
You are young , so sensitive and zealous, 
I am neither bad nor very good to you.
Tell me, did you pet a lot of fellows? 
You remember many arms and lips? You do?
They are gone and haven't touched you any, 
Gone like shadows, leaving you aflame.
You have sat upon the laps of many, 
You are sitting now on mine, without shame.
Though your eyes are closed, and you are rather 
Thinking of some one you really trust,
After all, I do not love you either, 
I am lost in thought about my dear past.
Don"t you call this zeal predestination, 
Hasty tie is thoughtless and no good,
Like I set up this unplanned connection, 
I will smile when leaving you for good.
You will go the pathway of your own 
Just to have your days unwisely spent,
Don"t approach the ones not fully grown, 
Don"t entice the ones that never burnt.
When you walk with someone down the alley 
Chatting merrily about love and all
Maybe, I"ll be out, walking round shyly, 
And again, by chance, I"ll meet you, poor soul.
Squaring shoulders, ravishing and winning, 
Bending slightly forward, with an air kiss,
You will utter quietly: Good evening! 
And I will reply: Good evening, miss.
Nothing will disturb my heart and spirit, 
Nothing will perturb me giving pain,
He who"s been in love will not retrieve it, 
He who"s burnt will not be lit again.

Sergey Esenin

Russian Christmas Inspiration

The Winter Road

Through the dim and through the clouds
Moon is crowling in the night,

To the fields and to the grounds

Sending its wistful Light.

No home, no fire ,

No something bright and gay,

Only strippen milestones are arising

On the way.

Dullish roads ! In the morning

I’ll look at dear face,

Happy, joyful on returning

After this eternal pace.

Softly clock-spring will be moving

Its untired time-hand.

I’ll forget at fire looking

All this way, this dark and trend.

December 7, 2012

Winter Looks

Do you like snow? When it snows, the world suddenly becomes silent, have you noticed? As you walk outside on a snowy day, you can feel how your quiet steps break the silence and suddenly you feel like a fox in the forest as you move through the city...

December 5, 2012

The Last Way

I was arranging things in the wardrobe of my wife and took a small box that I found there. When I opened it, I pulled out beautiful lingerie. It was amazing! Thin silk of a delicate pink colour and white lace! I looked at this lingerie and remembered how we traveled after the wedding, eight years ago. I remembered how I bought it in one very expensive shop because she liked it. And I liked it also. 

The lingerie was still absolutely new, never worn. My wife took it out often, admired it but she never put it on.  She put it back into the box saying that she was waiting for a special occasion...

And now, the special occasion has come!

Today, my dear, I will put it on you, before I put a dress on you and say "farewell"...