December 25, 2014

Walking in December

Happiness is dissolved in time and settles down in simple things. I can't promise you anything or should I? Look, the morning starts with snowfall, the evening ends with rain. You are still alive, you are near me, and we wait for nothing at all. If somebody continues to calculate, heaven help them with patience and mercy. As for us, who leave darkness to itself, walking in December, help us never remember what I'm not speaking about. To warm up, you need first of all to get cold. Thoughts are like some other outfit, festive, clean. Every little thing is meaningful, every body part and word. If you are looking for happiness, learn to notice things. Notice how your name sounds gentler, how the city becomes joyful, getting ready for another Christmas. If you want to make sense, never look for it. Happiness is dissolved in time, and every experienced watchmaker knows that.