January 29, 2012

The Jewels

Naked was my dark love, and, knowing my heart,
Adorned in but her most sonorous gems,
Their high pomp decked her with the conquering art
Of Moorish slave girls crowned with diadems.

Dancing for me with lively, mocking sound,
This world of stone and metal, brittle and bright,
Fills me with rapture who have always found
Excess of joy where hue and tone unite.
Naked she lay, suffered love pleasurably
To mould her, smiled on my desire as if,
Profound and gentle as the rising sea,
It rode the tide toward its appointed cliff.
A tiger, tamed, her eyes on mine, intent
On lust, she sought all strange ways to please:
Her air, half-candid, half-lascivious, lent
A new charm to her metamorphoses.
In turn, her arms and limbs, her veins, her thighs,

Polished as nard, undulant as a swan,

Passed under my serene clairvoyant eyes

As belly and breasts, grapes of my vine, moved on.
Skilled in more spells than evil angels muster

To break the solace which possessed my heart,

Smashing the crystal rock upon whose luster

My quietude sat on its own, apart,
Her waist, awrithe, her belly enormously

Out-thrust, formed strange designs unknown to us,

As if the haunches of Antiope

Flowed from a body not yet Ephebus.
Slowly the lamplight sank, resigned to die.

Firelight pierced darkness, stud on glowing stud,

Each time it heaved a sharply flaming sigh

It steeped her amber flesh in pools of blood.

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