July 30, 2012

How to Behave on the First Date: Dating Advice for Women

Many girls as well as women want to know how to behave on the first date with men. The first date can lead to a beautiful and long romance, maybe even a marriage. It can also remain in your memory as one of insignificant encounters. If you get interested in the person and would like to continue your relationships, there are several things to pay attention to.

One question is whether it's allowed to be late for the first date. It all depends on how much your chosen one is interested in you. If you are sure of his interest, you can be 10 or 15 minutes late. If you are not sure, come on time. His interest in you depends on many circumstances. A lot depends on what has happened before. If you met each other in a bar, at a disco, you apparently looked very bright. And he was most surely in good spirits and relaxed. At the moment when you exchanged your phone numbers you looked attractive to him, because you were in your colorful gear. But in the day light, he may have a different impression.
Another important question is what to wear for the first date. In the modern society jeans look as attractive to a man as a dress does. But, for the first date, a dress or a skirt is the best option. If your legs are nice, to show them is a good idea. The same thing is true for the underwear. You never know how the date will end, and wearing pretty underwear will make you feel confident even if no one sees it.
Do not overdo with perfume. It is better to use body spray or lotion. There is no knowing how he will react to a certain smell. The fact is, we are still very close to the animal world and the meaning of pheromones is huge when it comes to the relationship between the two sexes. So, if your body smells cleanliness with a light hint of cosmetics, if your clothes are clean, elegant and your hair looks neat and cared for, this will make you attractive and desirable.
The smell is very important when it comes to dating. Remember about the smell of your breath. So many marriages have failed because of this delicate circumstance. Empty stomach, smoking and uncured teeth may create a hell of a breath when you start talking. Brush your teeth before the date or chew a chewing gum. But a mint caramel is always better than a chewing gum.

Eyes make an important part of your looks. Eyes transmit a lot of information about you to the other person, especially if this person is of an opposite sex. They say that eyes are the mirror of your soul. You can outline your eyes with mascara, shades and a liner. You can make them look brighter with the help of special eye drops. You can play with your eyes and thus seduce. If you look at a man half-turning your head, with tenderness and secretly, this action may attract his attention. He would react to it very instinctively, even without being aware of this. He will feel that you are interested in him. During the first date our unconscious reactions are very meaningful. That is why the first impression is so important. Later on, you will get to know each other better but the first impression will remain for a long time, maybe forever.
There are ways to make a person feel comfortable with you. But it is also important to avoid certain mistakes. The male worldview differs from that of women. Men spend a lot of time of their lives competing. If you start to show your superiority in something, be sure that from an attractive female you will turn into an irritator. Thus emotionally you'll become a rival to him. The more calm and delicate you are, the more relaxed your poses are, the more comfortable your companion is.
Would you like to make him interested in you very quickly?
At a certain moment, come closer to him, and touching his arm slightly with your hand, ask him something in a very quiet voice looking him in the eye. These words can be about anything, some trifle, but the body language will speak to his senses in a perfect way.

If your first date takes place in a restaurant or a cafe, a big mistake would be to order a lot of dishes. Eating is quite an intimate moment and from the viewpoint of a man it may be too early to find out what you like to drink and how you prefer to eat. The best thing to do is order a cup of tea and talk quietly. If you suggest that you pay it would be polite. Let him object and show his generosity.

The best advice that can be given to a woman or a girl for the first date is not to be afraid, be natural and trust your intuition. Remember that if the man looks confident on the outside he feels as shy as you are inside. Try to be a little more friendly and relaxed than you usually are with strangers. Imagine that you meet your old and dear friend. The other person will feel this positive energy of yours and reply in the same way. It's quite possible that your first date will become a start for a beautiful relationship that will last for a long time and make your personal life happy and complete.

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