October 31, 2012

Love story

I remember the day when I saw her for the first time. She entered the drugstore. I was buying some candy for the sore throat. At that moment, she came in. I sensed immediately her perfume - it was "Poison" by Dior. But beyond this smell there was another aroma - her own, the core, attractive, addictive and memorable. For a single instant I was granted the intoxicating, teasing sensation. I was allowed to visit heaven... Then I was bumped down back on earth. "Your change, sir." I let her come to the counter. She ordered some pills against insomnia. I did not leave the drugstore at once, though. Staring at some shampoo tubs on the display I kept spying her with the corner of my eye. She was amazingly elegant. Black hat, black belted coat and high heels. Her hair was hidden under the hat. Her eyes were green like those of a cat. As she stepped outside she left a trail of aroma that hung in the middle of the store. For that moment I realised one thing. If she asked me for anything, I would do it. I would do anything she asked me for. She only had to say. Such was the power that this woman captured over me with her only presence. A question then raised sharply in my mind: "What if?" "What if this relationship could be started?" "What if it could be continued?" I rushed outside... "Excuse me, ma'am, I saw you buying insomnia pills. See, I have been insomniac for a while and I still cannot find good pills. I was wondering if these ones were of any help." "Yes, they are good, especially at the beginning. Then you get used to them, and they are less effective, yet, quite helpful." I think she sensed the hidden intention behind my words. Still, she kept on playing her role observing me with some kind of irony. 
Hypnotic Poison

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