July 2, 2013

5-minute healing massage

This little video of mine shows a simple healing massage technique and it is on a contest on citizen.tv. You can do this massage every day for 5 minutes to relieve a headache, fatigue of the eyes, or if you have colds. It fortifies the immune system and improves general health. You may use it alone or with medications. Please vote for me - rate me stars on the site citizen.tv! You fill find them just under the video. Registration is required, but citizen.tv is a fun site and it would be cool to receive their email once in a while, as a reminder. Thank you! Here is the link to follow.


  1. Healing massage is good for face lines and wrinkles. Your video is nice thanks for this video.Your hand motion is very clear.

    1. Massage Kelowna. Yes, indeed, this massage also helps to fight face wrinkles. I forgot to mention it and your commentary is a great reminder:)