April 6, 2012

Contemplating Shri Yantra

Shri yantra is very powerful. It is believed to weaken the work of the left brain, that is responsible for logical and analytical thinking, and reinforce that of the right brain that works using intuition and creative enlightenment. 
   Why do we need it today? Because as modern science tells us, shri yantra is created considering human perception and nervous system even as far as neurotic organization of our cells. That is why it has a very strong impact on a human psyche. Shri yantra is one of the most ancient geometrical symbols used for meditation in yoga schools. The history of shri yantra is veiled with mystery. 
      What is the structure of this diagram? It is a protective square with four “doors” leading in four directions. It is built of two opposite swastikas. Inside of it there are six circles - two of them are symbolical 8 and 16-petal lotus flowers. Inside them, there is a 16-corner star: it is composed of 9 intercepting triangles. As a result, there are 43 small triangles that compose in their turn 5 inner circles. In the center is Bindu point representing the source, the goddess and the basic of the universe. 
   Shri yantra meditation is all about concentration of your eyes on the image. First, your eyes are fixed on one of the angles of the external square. Then, you move them slowly along the line of the border in a clockwise manner. As you get to the initial point, you pass over to the inner circle. After you pass around the circle, you go over to the petals’ ring. Then - to another ring. After that you circle around four rings of triangles and, finally, stop in the middle point. There your eyes rest for 15-20 minutes. Then you close your eyes and look at the remaining image for some time. You keep watching it till it disappears.


  1. Wondering why you would not just see yourself sitting in the center of the Yantra..then take the bindi in the middle ,and run it up the central channel ( sushumna )..from there using the breath ( Prana )..make the Yantra work through the body ( chakras )...ATMAN the DIVINE SELF..actualizing within you ..AS ABOVE SO BELOW... SIVA /SHAKTI .. You the God/Goddess in the human form....Be careful to use the technique with a clear mind,for it will MANIFEST ABUNDANCE in all areas.. the Emotions/Convictions that rule you..for if you are not living positively in all areas of your life...it will also MANIFEST ABUNDANCE in the Negative...I would not write to you unless I knew directly of this Yantra's Power...The Goddess TARA...is at our Disposal if we so wish to step into the truth of its purpose and ENLIGHTEN...CONSCIOUSLY...this LIFETIME..SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS ACTUALIZED in YOU.