March 29, 2012

Where is that button?

Every person has a leading feeling: it is stronger than any of other five senses. If there is no comfort in the leading feeling, then there is no more joy, only dissatisfaction and even depression. It is necessary for everyone to know their priority. This way, we will be able to regain our forces quickly. Some listen to the music, some need caresses and hot bath, some would be inspired by the colors of the sunset and the favorite painting.
There is a leading feeling inside our memory. It is this feeling that comes to our mind when we need to think about this or that event, or subject. This can be a color, a sound, a smell, a taste or a tact. This is what we think about even less. But this is what represents a real lever to manipulate us...
Unless you discover your leading feeling, you are vulnerable. If another person touches on your strings, he can easily manipulate you. This leading feeling is a true button of manipulation when it comes to people, and each time it is pressed on, they are ready to do anything to have this feeling again...

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