May 3, 2012

Color therapy: our hidden resources

The way to integrity
Our civilization develops in a technocratic way. Since childhood, we are taught to use our left brain, responsible for logical thinking. The common words of this brain are dutymustrulesorder. This makes us lose the connexion with the world of our feelings and emotions. This is how the level of feelings and emotions of an average human has become under the threshold of consciousness.
Our mysterious subconsciousness hosts images, colors, smells, memories. Through it, goes the way of connexion and information exchange with the whole universe. It goes through images, subtle vibrations. But, nowadays, this way of perception is inaccessible to most of the people and forgotten by modern humanity. It is more developed within people who practise creative activities. Painters can distinguish a multitude of colors. Creativity by itself is a way to understand oneself, by exploring inner layers of subconsciousness, and through this, the way to connect with the energy and informational field of the universe. Logical thinking is important as long as it gives the possibility to realize our desires, set goals, develop strategies. It helps us communicate and understand other people. However, unless we have the contact with the right brain, with the world of colors, subtle energies, feelings, we cannot feel our integrity, our complexity. It is the very feeling of existence that the right brain gives us. It is the experience of existence itself - you are bathing in the world of colors and images. This is how we can feel happy.
Aivazovsky, Storm
How color therapy works
Our nervous cell from childbirth has a healthy vibration with a certain wave length. When a pathology takes place, the vibration of the cell changes. In color therapy, according to the response principle, the cell is imposed with a healthy vibration. It is natural for a nervous cell to collect and accumulate the lacking colors and reject the colors in abundance. This is how color therapy works.
Every color has a multitude of shades, from the subtlest delicate ones to the deepest, full of wisdom and knowledge. You need to plunge in the color like in the depths of the sea, give yourself away to its vibrations, like to sea waves, bathe in the color, fill up with the color, and then you start feeling what color is.

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