June 15, 2012

Attention, please! How they steal your attention

Hunting for attention - isn’t it the cherished dream of many and many women? To be the center of attention in the glamorous world of modeling, fame and searchlights? To tease and catch admiring eyes of fans from the covers of magazines and TV screens? To change spectacular outfits and provoke other women’s envy while grabbing their husbands’ attention? To be surrounded by the unceasing stream of fans, to be example for the crowd, just like, in Ancient Greece, they would idealize and imitate gods and goddesses... To turn into a myth, so others take them for goddesses? To be invited by well-known writers, musicians, actors, politicians, sportsmen? To be featured in the newest press releases, to make part of rumours and scandals, to be the apple of journalists’ and paparazzis’ eye?..
As for the men’s dreams, they are not much different...

The thing is, the majority of people, instead of using their own attention, search for attention of others. They want to be somebody’s dream, instead of realizing dreams of their own.
Your own attention gives you all the possibilities to concentrate inside the source of your own energy. Having a great source of energy inside, looking for somebody’s attention is the erroneous way that so many people have taken without even giving a thought to it, like a herd of sheep.
This is one of the most unpleasant breakdowns of our way of thinking. This makes us dependant on somebody’s opinion. This makes us look at ourselves with somebody else’s eyes. This is how we renounce ourselves. This is how we lose confidence, both men and women, we lose our freedom and natural way of being. This is how we become approvement seekers.
The power of captured attention
There is no bigger source of energy in the Universe than attention. Women always want attention from men and even demand it. To become the center of attention, men dare to act dangerously. In order to grow and develop, a child needs attention of the adults and attracts it in any possible way. 
Your attention is constantly attracted, stolen, captured - by annoying commercials, that exploit all your channels of perception. Your male attention is constantly examined by women, in many subtle ways. Their goal is to make you notice, admire, desire. To tease you, to make you court, to seduce. To grab your attention from their rival, to attach you. 
Most people do not manage their attention. Their attention is managed for them. It is managed by those who are in a better control of their own attention, whose will is stronger. Your attention can be stolen so easily - by a colorful picture, glitter, movement, surprise, an undisguised nakedness...
When your attention is stolen, your desires, your will and your actions are stolen as well.
The stolen attention, yours or somebody else’s, can nourish - for a while, till another portion of attention can be grabbed.
The power of personal attention
Yet, another bigger source of energy can be found within. It all begins with managing your attention. When you are able to guide your attention, you can manage your emotions, your vision and you can reveal energy inside you, which, in its turn, can lead to unusual capacities.
Managing your attention is important in yoga. Attention management is a remedy.
Attention is the basis of all development and growth. When your attention is absorbed, you can no longer move forward. You are stuck. You are not able to see the situation from different angles.
Japanese Samurai cultivated a very special state of mind, when even in the deadly fight they could admire the beauty of the landscape. As a result of their practice their attention was liberated to such an extent that they could contemplate even on the verge between life and death.
When some attention is liberated, you can read posts like this one. You are interested in something besides daily routine. Yes, you can have another option. You can watch some movie, read some stuff. You can entertain yourself in any way, and your attention will be stolen again and again, by funny things, ideas and thoughts. And you will lose your energy.
One possible alternative
Once you realize this influence on you by someone’s stronger and more concentrated will, once you become aware of it, you will then be able to develop your own. While others react to somebody’s willful actions, words, gestures, you will be able to depend on your own source.
Young age is the most vulnerable. When you are young, there is so much energy in you, and this energy needs to be applied. Without knowing much how to apply it, you just follow your undisciplined energy that carries you like a careless horseman - somewhere. Especially, when you have not learned to manage your energy correctly.
You have the right to use your attention for your personal integration.
Be careful! Many people hunt for your personal energy, trying to capture your attention in their trap. But they choose the way of a vampire who nourishes on someone’s energy. This is a very wrong way.
You can get energy from your own inner source. Once you discover your own star, on your own way, you will live - freely - without depending on somebody else’s opinion.  

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