June 13, 2012

Tasting Heaven

1001 Nights

... But maybe you wanna see the dull flame of desire
And melting of ice that washes away the taboos?
Come on now, my breath is like fire
For you to steal, it's what I aspire
Tasting the heaven, killing the blues...

I crave to relish the icing and feel your existence
As every sip shortens the distance
Between us. I know what you want... 
As the clothes get too tight - 
To witness the stars in the eyeballs of the sky - all burned
Yet, full of light.

I'll burst, but I'll take you away
From the sweetness of lips - many times -
To the verge of the dawn, on my way
Breaking all the lines...

Emitting a moan, I'll drink tenderness - drop by drop -
The folly of power on you intoxicates
You're my eye-opener as I pass through these states
And even if here on my knees I stop
The will on fire, yet, I will not throw a seven..
Enjoying the heaven, tasting the heaven...

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