March 13, 2012

On the role of an actress in modern culture

"Talking to you now, in ten years, in thirty, in fifty years and in one hundred years, we will still be on the throne and smiling. Unlike you, who are destined to die, we are here, eternal, and from now on, nothing bad will ever happen to us... But what a price we had to pay! Dawn of the day, beating heart, the reflection of a pale face in a mirror, the same face again, in make-up, done hair, tight costume, and this scream, psychopathic, of the next film director - Action! ...And the unborn children, and the beloved ones who said good-bye, and husbands who left... But you know, one great actress remarked, twisting her head up to the sky, There is no death for me, there is no death for me, there is no death for me... And she was right. Eternity is what they have certainly got in touch with." 

Who is she, a woman, an actress from the films?
Looking at us from glossy magazines?
Seductive, mysterious and desirable?
Childless... Lonely... 
What does she bring to this world?
What values does she preserve?
What gift does she apport to the humankind?

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