March 17, 2012

The taste of a peach

The taste of a peach is a desire that wouldn't come true...
There shouldn't be too many fruit, just one or two. The man in love will separate it with his tactful fingers and will bring it to your lips. Inhale it, touch it, taste it. Its taste is sweet like a kiss, and the aroma drives you crazy. 
Taste it carefully: eaten hastily, it's quickly forgotten. 
The taste of a peach, - she says and smiles. The souvenir of it is stronger than the taste itself, did you notice? 
Her fingers are running over the knife to cut fruit, a small knife with an incrustation, I remember this knife from my childhood, the hands of the clock are trembling but they are not in a hurry. She catches my eye and nods sadly: " You are leaving already..."
In this place the clock shows the most precise time, it doesn't hurry and nobody is ever late, - no precipitation, no hustle, no worries. 
Here everything happens at the right moment. Everything has happened already. 

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